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A place under the sun

Under the hot Turkish sun in the province of Sakarya, the Orthaus semi-trailer plant is located - one of the largest in Türkiye.

The editors of CTT Digest magazine recently visited this enterprise and saw with their own eyes how trailed equipment of this brand is produced: from what steels, on what equipment, how many robots are involved in the technological process, how many hundreds of tons the cataphoresis unit can accommodate and what this ultimately gives for the finished product – semi-trailers for various purposes (from curtains to trawls and dump trucks). By the way, Orthaus has been working on the Russian market for 10 years. But this is not much compared to the almost 100-year history of the brand, which originated in Germany.

Read more in the latest issue of CTT Digest magazine (No. 5/2023) at the link: https://joom.ag/hHTd/p54