The Leningrad machine-building factory BITÜG at COMvex 2024

The Leningrad machine-building factory BITÜG will present semi-trailer equipment in a new vision and design for the market with patented technologies in the production and design of constructs.

BITÜG is the largest manufacturing company in the north—west of Russia, founded to produce modern trailer equipment of the highest quality. The factory is located in St. Petersburg and occupies a leading position in the field of mechanical engineering.

Powerful and reliable Bityug Shire curtain semi-trailer, designed for high-quality cargo transportation. The feature of the semi—trailer is the location of the stiffening ribs, which provide additional reliability for transportation heavy and oversized goods. The semi-trailer guarantees a long service life in different weather conditions due to its corrosion protection and resistance to moisture.

The 2023-year edition Bityug Tinker semi—trailer with sidewall is a model of semi-trailer that characterized by high performance for its excellent traction parameters and uniform load distribution. A Bityug Percheron semi-trailer with a container carrier type of the body. This model is equipped with high traction characteristics and uniform load distribution, that ensures safe and comfortable control of the semi-trailer. The model can be additionally equipped with log trailers and slats for the convenience transportation a variety of goods.

Learn more about the company and technology of production on the YouTube channel.